Like hiking tents, hiking backpacks are indispensable hiking essentials. If you are looking into buying a backpack for hiking, you need to do a good deal of research because you will be carrying this back pack the whole time you are on the trail. The ease and comfort that your backpack offers will determine your own personal ease and comfort.

There is no single best hiking backpack. You can’t use the same backpack in all types of hiking terrain and trails; which means that you should choose the right type depending on the conditions of your destination. But, if you hike on many different types of terrain, you may want to get the most versatile pack to avoid purchasing several.

Here are some guidelines which should be taken into consideration when choosing hiking backpacks:

Volume – this determines how much load your bag can carry. All types of backpacks have specific volume capacity to avoid overloading. Thus, you should ask yourself how many day hikes you will be using the backpack for and how many things you will be bringing and their estimated weight and volume.

Load Distribution – this is crucial, especially for hikers who spend longer than 3 days on the trail. The longer the hike lasts, the heavier the load becomes. If you are this type of hiker, you should pay attention to the technical features of hiking backpacks to ensure that the bag itself will help you carry some of the weight and will not entirely depend on your own force and effort. Check out the straps and adjustment features, and stabilizer straps of the bag so that you can easily make adjustments to the load distribution as you go along the trail.

Special pockets and gear – if your destination will require special gear such as ice axes, ropes, crampons, and the like, you will need to ensure that your backpack is specially equipped to carry this gear conveniently.

Hydration feature – if you need your bags to give you easy access to water without interrupting your hiking rhythm, use backpacks with hydration features. This feature is also indispensable in extreme weather conditions as they are specially designed to keep water in its liquid state as long as possible.

With these guidelines in mind, determine your needs and preferences and choose hiking backpacks that cater to your needs the most.

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